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REVENGE (( bajancanadian love fanfic ))

Personal Message (Offline) marceline.

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"Hey peeps! QueenBlue here, ready to start another Minecraft video. This time, instead of playing hide-and-seek, we are playing the hunger games! How exciting!" I said into my headset, smiling widely as I clicked the join server button. Sure enough, I was brought to a map which had the big pile of chests and somehow excited players. So, I moved the mouse so I can see the players on my sides, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw that skin.

 "Peeps, I just have a awesome guest here! BajanCanadian is here! Also," I added a sinister voice to that 'also' as a plan grew in my smart brain. "I want you to spam his Twitter as much as you can! Just don't say it was me who sent you." I finished, a sly grin on my slightly tanned skin.

Soon, the game began, and I ran to the chest in front of me. All I got was one piece of leather, one uncooked porkchop, and 2 lousy sticks. wow, i'm totally going to win.

(( mitch's pov ))
"YOU GOT THIS BUDDY! FOR THE BUDDER IN THE WORLD!" adam screamed in his headset, which came back to mine.
"it's just a girl dude, you got this!" jerome calmly said, thankful that he wasn't playing. well, they weren't playing cause they were lazy. knew it.
"just shut up, both of you! now, lets win this game!" I cheered in the headset, and wondered how she managed to survive. it was the last round to claim the victor, and this was the time to win. i got my trusty iron sword, while she had a lousy stone sword. smiling, i spirited towards her, and started hitting her. she ran backwards, but then by surprise, shot an arrow at me. it took almost half of my hearts, and set me on fire. i screamed, but there was a pool of water next to us, and i jumped in it. lucky me.
"what the fu.k?! how did she get that?!" adam quipped.
i ignored the comment. but it did ponder me how. maybe someone else had it. no duh. i ran to her, and hit her again. it mist have are some hearts, but she isn't going down fast. she ran away, and i chased after her. again, she surprised me with another attack, but wasn't that big. she sent a normal arrow, which just took two hearts. great, one heart left. I spirited after her, and hit her with the iron sword. didn't kill her, but she hit me one more with her stone sword and killed me.
"WHAT THE FU.K?!" all three of us screamed.
my screen went to a red fuzz, and said those horrible words, ' you died '. i was raging like hell. taking off my headset, i stood up and walked around my room.

at least i wasn't recording

I smiled and threw my hands up. "Well, this it you guys. Time for me to log off. Well, see you next time. For now, your Queen is out." I pipped and ended the video. sighing, I grabbed my phone and logged into my twitter. i went to mitch's twitter and smiled at the sight behold my eyes. there were many people who were spamming him, and it was hilarious! i had to cover my mouth not to laugh out loud. shutting it off, i saw the time. wow, it was already 10 in the night?! yawning, and brushed my teeth and changed into my pjs. jumping into bed, i thought off all the things i can do to him.

i drifted to sleep, smiling.

I'm making a whole collection of team created of love stories.

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Personal Message (Offline) marceline.

  • official queen of the supernatural
  • I guess the look I'm best known for is Blue Steel.
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  • in love with scout? maybe
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((mitch's pov ))
i woke up, rubbing my eyes as i yawned. it was barley 8 in the morning, and i was still tired. my phone kept buzzing with notifications. what the...? standing up, i swiftly walked to the table which had the phone buzzing. unlocking the stupid phone, i opened my twitter. i litterly almost had a fit!

what was this?! 'sup?', 'hey buddy, watch my youtube channel!', but this one caught my eye. 'queenblue sent me!' i think i heard of this person on youtube. grumbling, i shut it off and tossed it on my bed. turning my body, i jogged to my computer and turned it on. once it was on, i went straight for youtube. who was this queenblue?! and why would she send these people the spam me? because that is not cool. once it loaded, i searched it up. wow, she has almost a million subs. and she mostly does minecraft. well, not mostly, actually she always does it. i clicked one of her videos, and watched it. it was a mod showcase, it was funny as hell! i watched a few more, and i was pressured to subscribe her. but then i got to see her skin.


(( my pov ))
i fixed my hair quickly, fixing my bangs and my ponytail. gulping, i clicked the 'record' button. "hey my peeps! it's queenblue here! or, for the first time ever, my real name is giovanna! or, gio. now, i now what are you thinking, 'blue, why are you vlogging now?! why not sooner? and why didn't you tell us your name earlier?!' well, my people, it's just something special to tell you. i'm going to pax! yep! now, my booth will be where the others are, and i'm so excited! i can even meet team crafted, but shh, don't tell them. now, i have to get packing, for i leave today. now, this is it for now. The queen is out!" i finished, and clicked the 'stop' button.

well, time to pack. standing up, i grabbed my big luggage bag and started to pack. i put in all my clothes, then some make-up, and a few video games in there for when i arrive to the hotel. i struggled to close it, and sighed when i did. putting on my denim jacket and my denim shoes, i said farewell to my house and left for the airport.

( timeskip because iz to lazy to do the airport shit )

once i arrived to my hotel room, i was glad i had a beautiful room. unpacking my luggage, i changed into my clothes. i fixed my hair to a soft braid with my light and ash brown hair. i put some eyeliner and make-up on. it seems it makes my gray eyes stand out. yep, it does. i grabbed my hotel keys, phone, and wallet. jogging to the door, i made sure i remembered my hotel number and exited. i'm so nervous! who will i meet?! will some of the youtubers sing?! i kept looking down and kept thinking. but i haven't noticed a guy walking right in front of me. we bumped into each other, and i fell down onto the carpeted floor. they guy did also, and he groaned. i did the same, and rubbed my head. opening my eyes, i squealed with fangirling as i saw who i bumped into. it was the one and only bajancanadian! wait, won't he know who I am?! shaking my head, i noticed my wallet and phone on the floor in front of both of us. i reached forward to grab it, but his hands meet mine. i felt my face grow warm and red. crap.

"um, i-i'm sorry. i didn't see you." i stammered.
"it's okay. i'm mitch." mitch said.
"um..." i couldn't say anything. he looked so cute. his brown eyes looked into mine, and his dirty brown hair was so perfect. "okay. sorry, i'm just thinking about pax."
idiot! why did you say that?!
"really?! your a minecraft fan? me too! i'm having my booth there, since i'm bajancanadian. well, jump by my booth. hey, what's your name?"
"giovanna. but-but, call me gio." derp moment.
"okay, gio. see you there." he finished, and gave me my belongings. i nodded, and he smiled at me. wow, even he looks more cuter with that smile. i barley noticed he left after a few seconds. gulping, i stood quickly and ran to the elevator and went down. i looked at my hand and just smiled.

maybe i will do that.
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Personal Message (Offline) marceline.

  • official queen of the supernatural
  • I guess the look I'm best known for is Blue Steel.
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  • in love with scout? maybe
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( i am starting to get writer's block right now. so, bear with me )

As I arrived to the convention, my phone buzzed with a notification. oh, what was it now? grabbing my white iPhone from my pocket, I held my breath as I read my message. It was from Motch, and I don't think it is actually a good thing. It says,

     Hey Blue,
   Nice stunt you did on my twitter. Actually, nice game you played. But, two can play that game.

Crap, what will happen once he finds out I'm Blue?! Will he stop talking to me? Will he ever look at me again? What am I blabbering about?! He just meet me by bumping into each other. Why worry? Well, I'll just forget about it. I put my phone in my pocket once I reached the doors. I had my merchandise already inside, and I knew I was the first one there. Well, every Youtuber had their stuff set right there. But I'm always here first.

As I walked inside, I still saw some members still setting banners and some decorations up. Actually, it looks awesome. I waved at a few people when I walked up the stairs to the booths. Mine was right in the middle, while some I knew like CaptianSparklez and Sky's are around the edge of the room. Actually, the whole Team Crafted's booths are on the edge. Sighing, I jogged to ,y booth and started to organize my items there. Bracelets, autographs, shirts, everything a minecraft Youtuber needs. I felt tired for a bit, but then it just wore off. I fixed my French braid, and decided to walk around to other booths. I first landed on Jordan's booth. It was cute, with his little logo on his banner on top, and then little statues of his minecraft avatar. Then I moved to Cavemans, then Slamacow, then so on. I wondered if he will actually perform.

Then I skipped mine, and walked over a few more. Until I landed on Team Crafted. They were widely known, and it was cool. I've always dreamed to join their team. But it might not happen thanks to my stunt. Eh, it was still funny. First was Ty's booth, then Quentin's, then Adam's, then Jason's, Ian's, Jerome's, and last Mitch's booth. I stayed at his the longest, and wondered so many times at how it was funny on how we meet, and how I beat him with a lousy sword. I laughed at last, but then I turned around because I felt someone was watching me.

Oh shit, he was here.

"Gio? What are you doing here?
"Um, just.... um,"
"Are you a VIP or something?"
I shook my head, and feeling like I should just hang myself.
"Then what?"
".... YouTube channel..."
He froze, and lifted an eyebrow at me. He should be confused.
"You should know, Mitch."
"How? I only know a handful of girls who come here as Youtubers. I've never seen you here."
"Well..." I paused, wondering if I should tell him.
"Well, what?"
"I'm a Youtuber who starts with Queen."
He froze again, and I can feel my face grow bright red. He had that angry look on his face, "So, your QueenBlue. Wow... Why did you do that, anyway?!" he grunted, narrowing his stare.
"I didn't even know I was going to win, Mitch! I just thought it would be funny. Take a joke!" I told him, poking his shoulder.
"Really? Why? Do you know how many fans just told me straight on it was you? I wouldn't send that many fans at you, you know."
Why is he so serious? But then I just said,
"Just relax! Take a joke! You should know your my idol! Well, the whole team, but your number one! Now if you excuse me, I have to get ready. Seems the doors have opened." I muttered, turning around and walking to my own booth. He just stood here, sighed, and walked to his own.

I couldn't help it! I was so angry at him. But it just poured out of me as I sat down. I shouldn't have been that harsh on him. I sat down behind my own booth, and he did on his. H started to put his merchandises on his booth, and then finished. I kept watching him, until I noticed he was staring at me, with wide, sincere eyes. Wow, finally he cooled down. I felt my skin grow red and warm, and I looked away, watching the rest of the Youtubers come in.

Soon, the fans walked in, and the games began...

( okay, might have gotten that writer's block away. that's good! right? )

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